Kenema City Council’s Mayor-Elect, Thomas Baio, Shares Images of Upgraded Analogue Clock to be Installed in the Kenema Clock Tower

The Kenema Clock Tower, which has long been criticized for its poor operational function, has failed to fulfill its purpose as a functioning clock tower. Regarded as a white elephant project by many critics in Kenema, the tower has been deemed ineffective in providing the services the people of Kenema had anticipated.

The old clock tower was demolished for the construction of the current one considered to be a modern clock tower that will befit the status of a city.

During the inauguration of the tower named “Maada Bio Clock Tower” in October 2020, which connects three major roads in Kenema (Hangha Rd, Dama Rd, and Blama Rd), Mayor Baio emphasized the significance of the clock tower for the residents of Kenema. He assured the public that every effort would be made to ensure the clock tower endures the test of time and remains a prominent landmark in the city.

The Clock tower lost its taste for quite a long time now with the digital clock not working effectively due to mechanical challenges that was very difficult to solve as observed.

The Mayor Elect on his second term mandate for the Kenema City Council has decided to fulfil his long term promise of getting the clock tower up and running effectively by purchasing an analogue clock that may substitute the digital clock to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability.

Mayor Baio has revealed that the newly acquired clock for the Kenema Clock Tower is a four-faced timepiece designed to display accurate time from all directions leading to the tower. This notable feature allows residents and visitors to easily view the standard time from various vantage points. The mayor’s efforts in acquiring the clock were further bolstered by the support of Ibrahim Swaray, the recently appointed Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA).