The Kenema Division has on the 14th December 2023 revived the Chiefdom Policing Partnership Committee CPPCs in  Wandor Chiefdom in Kenema District.

The reactivation of these committees according the police media unit is on the bid to ensuring a proactive security measures been put in place to have the people well secured and protected.

The event attracted stakeholders from different communities across the chiefdom who were very pleased with the event.

Sub Inspector Brima James Musa, who is also the Community Relations Officer for Kenema Division, emphasized that reviving the Chiefdom Policing Partnership Committee demonstrates a proactive approach to community policing and collaboration between the police and local communities. Musa highlighted the committee’s potential to enhance security, maintain law and order, and address the specific needs and concerns of Wandor Chiefdom.

The community Relations Officer , known as “Tea Cup,” assured the people of Wandor that partnering with the police would provide a platform for open dialogue. It would allow community members to voice their concerns, offer insights, and actively participate in addressing local issues related to crime prevention, public safety, and community development.

Musa urged committee members to uphold professionalism, honesty, impartiality, and objectivity in carrying out their duties.

Chief Ibrahim Mansaray, the town chief of Fallah Town, emphasized the significance of the partnership, noting that it empowers the community to directly influence law enforcement strategies and activities.

He further highlighted the importance of involving community representatives, traditional leaders, and other stakeholders to ensure policing efforts align with the specific needs and cultural sensitivities of Wandor Chiefdom.

Inspector Mohamed Corneh, the Operations Officer of Kenema Division, expressed satisfaction with the commitment shown and suggested promoting the Chiefdom Policing Partnership Committee in every chiefdom. He stated that expanding these committees could facilitate information-sharing, identification of crime-prone areas, and serve as a deterrent to criminal activities.

Insp. Corneh urged for collaborative efforts, which, he claimed, would lead to more effective crime prevention initiatives, timely responses to security threats, and improved overall safety and well-being in the chiefdom.

Regent Chief Ansumana Gbow of Wandor Chiefdom affirmed that modernizing the Chiefdom Policing Partnership Committee demonstrates a commitment to community-oriented policing.

He highlighted the positive impact it could have on the security and quality of life for residents. Mr. Gbow pledged his support to the committee while reminding them to prioritize serving the community as a whole.

Madam Fatmata Sonnie, the women’s leader of Wandor Chiefdom, emphasized that community policing serves as a bridge between the police and the local community. She stated that it encourages active involvement and participation from community members, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for maintaining law and order. Madam Sonnie also highlighted how community policing provides a platform for the police to listen to community concerns, suggestions, and feedback, allowing for a more responsive and tailored approach to policing.

The ceremony concluded with statements of commitment from the section chiefs of the six sections within Wandor Chiefdom, followed by a training session for the Chiefdom Policing Partnership Committee and the CSV Wandor Chiefdom as was reported by the SLP Media Unit in Kenema.