The Sierra Leone Police, Kenema Division has on the 25th January 2024 intensified the local need policing that seeks to heighten the community relations and improve on local policing for the good of the people and ensuring sustainable security control at all times.

The idea that was generated and built upon by the Local Unit Commander, Kenema Division, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Eric Murana Kamara was received as a great deal in continuation of the strong policing within different communities.

CSP Kamara  stated that community policing aims to create safer communities by fostering a cooperative partnership between law enforcement and the public, addressing the root causes of crime, and increasing community involvement in crime prevention efforts as he informed  the stakeholders about few robbery incidents that had recently occurred in Kenema, within two different communities at a row, He said, these incidents have precipitated the organization of such a meeting.

He emphasized that through partnership and genuine collaboration, the police could gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and priorities of the community, and they could tailor these challenges to authorities concern for immediate address. He therefore encouraged stakeholders to embrace the local need policing approach, which, he said, would foster a sense of ownership, and would generate strong bond the police and the community.

The Chairman of the Local Policing Partnership Board (LPPB), Kenema Division, Anthony Kamara, appreciated the effort of the police and entreated community members to actively participate in shaping the policing strategies and priorities, which he said could largely contribute to a safer and well secured environment.

He commended the police in Kenema for such a brilliant approach in strengthening the relationship between the police and the community they serve, noting that it could lead to efficient crime prevention, better response time and improved safety and security  environments.

The Chairman concluded that by actively involving communities in decision-making processes, the police could build stronger relationships, improve communication, and promote a more inclusive and equitable approach in the dispensary of police duties.

The Operations Officer (Ops Officer) Kenema Division, Inspector Mohamed Corneh encouraged the community stakeholders in Kenema Division to engage in positive partnership with the police, which, he said, was a  positive step towards building trust, and enhancing safety.

He expressed some resentment over the manner at which the people of Kenema are reluctant to call the police when they were in distress, and pleaded with the stakeholders present to encourage their people to be instantly calling the police whenever they found themselves in any difficult situation with regards security

The Operations Officer Kenema Division, inspector Mohamed Corneh has admonished checkpoint personal to be vigilant in the dispensation of their duties.

He made this statement when he made a brief visit at the various checkpoints within the Division.