Kenema Traditional Leaders have refuted claims circulating on social media that they prohibited church services on Sunday, May 18th, 2024.

These allegations stemmed from rumors that local authorities in Kenema prioritized a procession by a district secret society over church services, forcing residents to use specific roads for their Sunday routines.

Kenema, known for its rich cultural diversity, now faces public concerns regarding the alleged actions of the traditional society.

However, Chief Keniemomoh Ngombulango, the town Chief of Kenema, firmly denied the claims in an interview. He emphasized that the local authorities respect all religions and would never restrict Sunday church services, as they themselves are worshippers.

Chief Ngombulango further denounced the rumors as lies, highlighting that this is not the first time such traditional activities have taken place.

The clarification extends to the Faith Healing Bible Church, whose management vehemently debunked a misleading Facebook post by Makoni Times News Sierra Leone. The post falsely attributed a statement to Pastor Mambu, the Church’s General Overseer, calling for the closure of churches in Kenema due to “cultural values.”

The Faith Healing Bible Church management categorically denied the statement, calling it “entirely untrue and baseless.” They confirmed that Pastor Mambu never issued any statement advocating for the closure of Sunday services in Kenema or elsewhere.

The Church believes the misinformation is a deliberate attempt to deceive the public and sow confusion among their congregation and the wider Kenema community.

They urged the public to disregard the false claim and treat it with the contempt it deserves.