Violence erupted in Khonimaka Chiefdom, Kambia District, after residents clashed with their Paramount Chief, PC Kandeh Kabba Sedu. The incident occurred on Thursday when PC Sedu discovered an illegal checkpoint on a chiefdom road.

Tensions flared when PC Sedu attempted to dismantle the unauthorized checkpoint. Youths from the chiefdom headquarters town of Kabaya confronted the Paramount Chief with sticks, inflicting injuries including a swollen eye. Additionally, one house was burned down and other villagers were reportedly injured.

Police are currently investigating the incident, but no arrests have been made so far.

This incident is the latest chapter in a long-running saga of discontent with PC Sedu’s leadership. Residents have accused him of lacking transparency and accountability, and of prioritizing the Chiefdom Speaker over themselves in government and other matters.

The alleged assault has further strained relations between PC Sedu and his fellow Paramount Chiefs in the district. Reports suggest a “deep tongue fight” among them, leading most of the other Paramount Chiefs and the sole Regent Chief to distance themselves from him.

Some residents believe the root of the current conflict lies in PC Sedu’s disputes with his colleagues over Paramount Chieftaincy Management Committee (PCMC) elections. In both 2018 and 2023, PC Sedu reportedly challenged the rotational arrangement and ran against Hon. PC Bai Farma Tass Bubu Ngbak, the Fourth of Magbema Chiefdom, losing both contests narrowly.

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