The Methodist Boys’ High School (MBHS) commemorated its 150th anniversary in grand style on Friday, March 22nd, 2024, with the launch of a commemorative Sesquicentennial Magazine and the announcement of a major infrastructure project.

The ceremony, held at the new city hall on Wallace Johnson Street, was graced by distinguished guest and Chief Launcher, Ambassador Kobi-Walker.

Ambassador Walker emphasized the school’s remarkable 150-year journey, characterized by academic excellence, tradition, and a lasting legacy. He highlighted the countless lives shaped by MBHS and its indelible impact on Sierra Leonean society.

“The Methodist Boys’ High School has not merely been a place of academic learning,” Ambassador Walker declared. “It has been a forge of character, a nurturer of character, and a beacon of hope for generations. The celebration of such a milestone is not only about looking back, but also about casting our vision forward for an even brighter future.”

The launch of the magazine, he continued, is not just a collection of achievements, but an embodiment of the “spirit that has thrived within the walls of this institution – a spirit of resilience, excellence, and camaraderie.”

As he perused the pages of the magazines, he reminded the audience about the challenges they have overcome,  and  the bond they have forged over a remarkable half a century. He described the Extravaganza show leading to this momentous occasion as a testament leading to the creativity, talent and diversity that the school instills in it students offering a platform that showcases the vibrant culture and enduring legacy the Boys high school has continue to build since its inception. He described the proposed construction of 18 classrooms as a symbol of growth and a continued commitment to providing a conducive learning environment. He affirmed that through the support of the Alumni, the funds raised will breathe life into the infrastructure needed to house dreams and nurture minds  that will provide the foundation for future leaders to rise wherever they are.

MBSSE  Conrad Sackey said he is honored to be part of the event in order to celebrate the historic Journey as a Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary education and on a personal capacity as the son and former student of the Methodist Boys High School. He described the moment as not only to reflect on the past but also to look forward towards the Vision. He affirmed that he is pleased to see that the contributions made will be used to enhance the school’s infrastructure


The event also saw the unveiling of a critical infrastructure project. Mr. Nathaniel Adekunle Rex Pearce, Chairman of the Sesquicentennial Extravaganza Committee, announced that funds raised through the event will be directed towards the construction of an 18-classroom block. This initiative aims to address classroom congestion and ensure all students receive instruction during the optimal morning shift (8:00 AM to 3:45 PM).

The festivities culminated in a vibrant performance of traditional community music by the renowned Methodist Boys’ High School Band.