In a significant move towards bolstering transparency and accountability in local governance, the Koidu New Sembehun City Council (KNSCC), supported by the Ministry of Finance, convened its inaugural audit committee meeting. The ceremony, a pivotal moment in local council operations, marked the formal establishment of an audit committee tasked with overseeing internal controls and risk management.

Chaired by Mr. Kai Yamba, the audit committee inauguration commenced with an elucidation of its purpose and objectives. Mr Yamba underscored the committee’s vital role in enhancing internal mechanisms and fortifying risk management strategies within the council’s framework.

Chief Administrator Francis M. Tiffa of KNSCC elaborated on the terms of reference, delineating the committee’s responsibilities, authority, and composition. This comprehensive overview provided a roadmap for the committee’s future endeavours and underscored its mandate to ensure robust governance practices.

Integral to the committee’s functionality is the internal auditor, Edward Mansaray, who also serves as the committee’s secretary. Mansaray presented the internal audit plan and outlined a meeting schedule for the forthcoming period, underscoring the proactive approach towards internal scrutiny and evaluation.

Dr. Kandeh, Director of Internal Audit at the Ministry of Finance, shed light on the procedural aspects governing the committee’s operations. Revealing the conduct of meetings, decision-making processes, and governance practices, Dr. Kandeh emphasized the importance of adherence to established protocols in fostering accountability.

In his closing remarks, Chairman Yamba reiterated the significance of the audit committee’s role and affirmed the unwavering commitment of its members to uphold integrity and transparency in local governance. The inauguration marked a pivotal step towards fostering a culture of accountability and ensuring effective stewardship of public resources within the Koidu New Sembehun City Council.