Amadu Koita Makalo, the first accused in the ongoing treason trial for the November 26th, 2023, failed coup, had his cell phone tendered as evidence at the court martial in connection to the related offense.

A Samsung galaxy-S23 ultra phone was on Thursday 11th April 2024, and photos from the phone were displayed in court showing Koita and others, who are said to be on the run, performing a ritual with a herbalist.

Photos from the phone also showed them slaughtering a white sheep at the place of the herbalist. This happened after a witness, Detective Mohamed Jusu from the cyber unit was called to tender the said phone.

Furthermore, a WhatsApp conversation of the 6th accused, Corporal Edward Koroma alias Smallie was also displayed in the court martial after his phone had been tendered. Photos on his WhatsApp showed men doing rituals alongside a certain herbalist.

A photo of a white sheep was also captured. His WhatsApp conversation with a person not identified in court at the session indicated that he sent photos of the gate of the general armory of the Joint Logistics Unit (JLU) situated at Murray town.

Photos of a container and vehicles stationed at the JLU were also sent, accompanied by voice messages.

The twelfth Prosecution witness, Corporal David Saidu, military personnel attached to the Joint Provost Unit at Cockerill military headquarters, also tendered military fatigues and other items to the court at the same session.

The other items include a wallet that contained the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) document of one Mohamed Woodie among other documents that were also tendered in court.

According to Corporal Saidu, the items were retrieved from Woodie when he was arrested at a place known as Cane Stick, Murray Town community.