The Chairman for Kono Distrct Football Association Abu Bakar Mansaray has on the 13th June, 2024 celebrated and catalogued achievement in office as an elected chairman.

In his statement to the football family, Mansaray reflected on the achievements and progress made since he took office on June 13, 2023 as he expressed deep gratitude for the support he received during the elections, which he attributes to the community’s belief in his knowledge, passion, and experience to rejuvenate Kono’s football scene.

“A year ago, you people came out in the open to endorse my candidacy because you believed that at that time, I was the right person who had the knowledge, passion, and experience to take our district football back to the limelight,” he stated.

Outlining his initial promises, Mansaray highlighted the key areas of his manifesto which included organizing various football competitions, setting up a functional secretariat, initiating infrastructural development, and unifying the football family in Kono.

Cataloguing his the achievements made in the first year, he revealed that, his administration successfully organized competitions across different age groups and categories, including Under-12, Under-14, Under-15, Under-17, the District League with 32 teams, Division Two competitions, Chiefdom competitions, Female competitions, Veterans competitions, and the District FA Cup, that a modernized secretariat has been established, equipped with comfortable seating, computers, standing fans, DSTV, and adequate shelving, Significant infrastructural projects were completed, including the construction of ticket sales booths, modernized gates, electrification of the pavilion, and rehabilitation of the pavilion and toilets.

He added that, the administration achieved a historic milestone by having 32 teams participate in the District League, fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration within the football community, Partnerships with experts were formed to train grassroots coaches and football administrators, enhancing the overall quality and professionalism within the district’s football circles, adding that, the first-ever female competition in the district was organized, featuring eight teams, with the aim of identifying talented players for the district’s representation. Additionally, a Veterans Competition was held, showcasing the dedication to diverse football engagements.

He furthered that, a strategic Support was extended to referees for training outside Kono, and football clubs received necessary equipment. Notably, ten Division One clubs were provided with footballs, and each of the 14 chiefdoms received one football from the FA, Kono hosted Sierra Leone’s first-ever youth championship football competitions, followed by the second edition of Under-14 and Under-15 tournaments, sponsored by the SLFA, they also gave Support for Diamond Stars and Female Club: Advocacy led to both Diamond Stars and a female club receiving footballs, beebs, and financial support.

Mansaray acknowledged that these achievements were made possible through strong networking and thanked everyone who contributed to the successful first year of his administration. “Let’s continue to maintain peace for the growth of football in our district. We only have one Kono. Long live Kono. May God bless us all,” he concluded.