Mohamed Samuel Kargbo, the Chiefdom Youth Chairman of Kunike Sanda Youth Council, has issued a heartfelt appeal to all stakeholders, including the President, Youth Minister, Resident Minister North East, P C Bai Kurr Kana Gbaro Sanka III, and generous donors, to rally behind the council’s ambitious mission to advance youth development in the region.

Kargbo underscored the council’s unwavering commitment to collaborate with the President’s Big 5 manifesto, aiming to rejuvenate not only the youth of Kunike but also the entire youth demographic of Sierra Leone.

Over the past year, the Kunike Sanda Youth Council has achieved remarkable milestones independently, without government funding or donor support. Some of the noteworthy accomplishments include:

Education Enrichment: Conducting free tutorial classes for students from pre-primary to SSS 3, providing essential educational support to nurture future leaders.

Empowering Vulnerable Pupils: Donating school materials to 50 vulnerable pupils each term, helping bridge the educational gap and fostering a conducive learning environment.

Leadership Skill Training: Organizing monthly leadership skill training sessions in collaboration with Caritas, benefitting 50 youth beneficiaries each month.

Community Cleanup Initiative: Undertaking the “D Ton 4 Klin” project, which involves weekly cleanup activities across the Chiefdom at a cost of less than 3000 Nle, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Empowering Girls: Launching the “Give Them Pens not Penis” project to protect vulnerable girl children, alongside donations of essential school materials to support their education.

Infrastructure Development: Initiating the construction of the Youth Consultative Office and Youth Center, even though the project remains a work in progress.

Youth Agriculture Project: Establishing a youth-driven rice farming project, contributing to food security and sustainable agricultural practices.

Anti-Drug Campaign: Undertaking a dedicated campaign against drug addiction, particularly focusing on addressing the issue of “kush” addiction among the youth population.

Promoting Peaceful Elections: Hosting pre and post-election peace summits, inviting political party stakeholders from Constituency 054 and District representatives, to ensure a peaceful and harmonious electoral process.

Kargbo, on behalf of the Kunike Sanda Youth Council, earnestly requests individuals and organizations to share this information across various platforms to increase awareness and garner support. By uniting efforts, we can collectively contribute to the betterment of the youth in Kunike Sanda and Sierra Leone as a whole.