A 21 years old lady, name withheld, has died in a society bush, commonly known as the Bondo Society bush at the Nyandehun village at Imperri chiefdom in Bonthe District.

Reports revealed that the deceased corpse was found in the early hours of yesterday the 20th December 2021 in the Nyandehun village society bush.

The case has been reported to the police whom have already started with investigations and the Forum against Harmful Practices (FaHP) is as well following this case.

The Chief alerted stakeholders, the police of the Rutile Division were informed and went out there. An open meeting was conducted for all persons in Nyandehun including local authorities.

The corpse has been collected from the location and has been conveyed to Bo City for postmortem.

More updates will follow when Sierraloaded has more on this story.