In response to the highly controversial leaked video involving a driver from Koidu Holding Mining Limited, stakeholders, representatives from Civil Society Organization, and community members had on the 12th April,2024 ended an engagement meeting at the Fillie-Faboe Memorial Hall in Koidu City.

The clandestinely recorded video has stirred significant concerns among stakeholders and the wider community. The meeting, orchestrated by the esteemed Hon. Paramount Chief Paul Ngaba Saquee V, was to provide a platform for open dialogue and address the urgent issues raised by the leaked footage in the designated community.

The gathering underscored the paramount importance of transparency and accountability within the mining industry, especially about its impact on local communities and stakeholders. With the participation of diverse stakeholders and community members, the meeting aimed to foster a constructive discussions, propose actionable solutions, and restore trust in the company’s operations.

Hon. Paramount Chief Paul Ngaba Saquee V’s leadership in convening this meeting reflects a commitment to upholding the interests and well-being of the community amidst this challenging situation. It is anticipated that this gathering will pave the way for meaningful dialogue and collaborative efforts towards ensuring responsible practices and sustainable development in the mining sector.

In his statement, the Paramount Chief denounced the allegation referring to it as a scandal against the company. He called on individuals to refrain from promoting false information online as well as urging them to always do thorough research and findings before social media publications on some sensitive matters.

He stated that, the company has been rolling out their corporate social responsibilities within their operational areas and the District at large. He committed to protecting the interests of the people and the community as part of his primary role as a Paramount Chief.

Their were lots of dedication reaffirmation towards upholding development by different stakeholders present in protecting the land and the people of Kono District and the country at large.

The stakeholders present called on social media pundits to always resort to clarify any information with the company and and it statutory bodies that are always visible for redress at all times.

Onbehalf of the youths, the Tankoro Youths Council Chairman, Sahr Jabba thanked the Paramount Chief and other stakeholders for such a timely engagement to clarify an important issue and called on the youths to refrain from any form of violent activities and always be focused to the course of development in the district.