In a surprising event believed to be the first in the history of the Chinese-owned company, Leone Rock Metal Group Deputy Community Affairs Manager, Robert Salia Kamara, has on Monday 13th November 2023 at Sandra Hotel in Magburaka engaged press men from various media organizations in the Northern part of Sierra Leone.

Attended by journalists from local radio stations in Mile 91, Makalie, Yele, Bumbuna, Magburaka, and Newspapers in Makeni, the Deputy Community Affairs Manager said the Press Conference was to let the public know the operations of the Company, especially the Community Affairs Department.

Journalists, the Deputy Manager said are known for disseminating accurate and timely information, and the engagement will help further inform the wider public about the operations of the company and more so the Community Affairs Department.

The Community Affairs Department is spearheading all community projects on behalf of the company.

Robert Salia Kamara said it’s therefore important for the Department to be engaging the media on its operations so the public would be better informed.

Before he took over, all press conferences organized by the company were held in Freetown, and journalists in the provinces, especially in the operational communities of the company were left out thereby depriving not only those journalists but the people from the said communities.

Immediately after he took office, Robert Salia Kamara said, he engaged the company on the need to hold press conferences in the provinces and in the communities where the company is operating, and it was approved.

During the press conference, the Manager highlighted the success of the company and its impacts on the people of Sierra Leone.

Leone Rock Metal Group, Kamara said has in diverse ways contributed to the growth and advancement of Sierra Leone.

In its operational communities such as Dasogoia, Sambaia, Simiria, and Kafe Chiefdoms, the Deputy Manager said the company has provided scholarships for school-going pupils and students in Universities across the country.

In the area of Health, Kamara said, there is a lot of ongoing construction and rehabilitation of Community Health centers in communities.

The company he said has been helping local radio stations and also intends to help media practitioners more. He called on journalists to always knock on the doors of the company to clarify stories that may affect the company’s image.

“You’re important people in society and we as a company hold you in high esteem,” the Deputy Manager said.

Like all conferences, the interactive conference was an eye-opener for the journalists to a plethora of issues regarding the company.

Questions were asked and the Deputy Manager was allowed to make clarifications where necessary.

Statements from a representative of the Office of National Security, Civil Society, the Tonkolili District Council, and others climax the colorful occasion.