Some Sierra Leoneans have blasted the Press Secretary of Sierra Leone, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi for comparing the economic situation of the Sierra Leone to other African countries.

He made this comparison in response to a report by Citizen TV Kenya. According to the report, the Kenyan Government is broke and facing problems paying salaries for its civil servants owing to pressing debts obligations.

Reacting on Twitter, Press Secretary Sandi stated that, “Kenya’s Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua admits Government of Kenya is broke to pay salaries and disburse money to counties. Late last year, Ghana and Zambia sought bailouts from IMF for USD$3 billion and USD$1.3 billion respectively.”

He maintained that despite the effects of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war their government has been consistently paying salaries and transferring cash to thousands of vulnerable people.

Unlike Ghana and Zambia, we have not sought bailouts from IMF rather we have restored international donor confidence,” he added.

However, many Sierra Leoneans, in their reactions blasted the Press Secretary for the comparison he made.

“Sierra Leoneans don’t live in Ghana, Kenya etc if you think sighting examples of Ghana will change things in salone then proceed, Sierra Leone population is way less than all those countries you mentioned. Tell us about Liberia and Guinea please,” one user commented.

“I am surprised  you mention Zambia. When Zambia is one of the best performing economies during this global surge,” Osman Yansaneh asserted.

Why not used Guinea as an example?”James Babin asked.

“Which planet are you coming from and where on earth did you get this information? Make sure you are up to date before posting this tweet,” Sall Conteh-Barrie cautioned.

“Those countries asking  IMF for BAILOUT are in a better footing in their Economy than sierra Leone,” Osman Koroma noted.