Sierra Leonean Innovator is using empty can drinks, old papers, coils and other waste to build and install TV antenna that provide Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to watch Leone Star games in the Africa Cup of Nations,

Co-founder and Team Lead of the Freetown Innovation Lab Mohamed A Kamara have installed over one thousand Lili Antennae across different homes, offices, businesses places in Freetown and in the province.

The Antenna was built mainly to help low income earners to watch all Sierra Leonean TV channels for Free, no subscription requires like the Satcom, ITV, Multi TV, Dstv etc. that will charge hundreds of dollars to watch TV channels

With Lili Antenna you can watch

AYV TV Channel 33 and 34

SLBC Channel 27 and 31

Star TV Channel 21 and 36

FTN Channel 35

Mercy Channel 29

Redeemer Channel 28

Lili Antenna have been used and endorsed by Ministers, celebrities, low-cost income earner etc. and have good quality TV reception that can be used as an indoor and outdoor antenna

Lili Antenna driven from Lively Lives Antenna is to help make homes better and happier with Good quality TV signal through by the means of recycling, reusing old materials to help people get good TV reception.

Africa Cup of Nations Afcon is here and to help Sierra Leoneans get the best quality in TV connectivity

You can help Sierra Leoneans watch the Africa Cup of Nations buy and donate to low income earner so they enjoy good quality TV Enterntainemet that is built from waste materials

Lili antennae is available now for sale for Le: 60,000 only

Call or WhatsApp on: +23279511366/+23230189813 or email:[email protected]

Freetown Innovation Lab can deliver and Install it Across anywhere across Sierra Leone.