Residents of Lokomasama chiefdom Lungi, Port Loko District have on Saturday 9 March 2024 witnessed the first round of Paramount Chief election at the Lokomasama Court Barry.

The election was tightly contested by eight candidates: Santigie Abshir Kamara, Tejan Alpha Kamara, Bai Kandeh Kamara, Bai Sama Kamara, Ibrahim Kamara, Idrissa Kamara, Shebora Kamara, and Osman Bai Sheik Kamara. However, one thousand four hundred and thirty one(1431) Tribal Authorities (TAs) casted their votes, but non of the candidates could reach the 55 percent threshold thereby leading to a run off according to the provincial Secretariat (PS).

Heading to the run off on Sunday 10 March 2024, Bai Sama Kamara secured 366 votes with 28 percent and closely followed by Bai Kandeh Kamara with 315 votes of 24.1 percent. The election was largely peaceful with various candidates agents, National Elections Watch (NEW) observers, the media and a lot of security personnel through the regional hirachy’s chain of command that helped to provide conducive atmosphere.