Mile 91 Police are said to be investigating the death of two men believed to have killed each other over a lady at Mathoir Village located along the Masiaka-Mile 91 Highway.

The two men, Manna Kallon and Sorie Ibrahim Koroma both commercial bike riders were believed to be in a relationship with a 27-year mother, Fatmata Kamara.

Fatmata is said to have a 3-year-old boy for Koroma.

In an interview with Politico Newspaper, the Local Unit Commander of Mile 91 Police Division, Superintendent Mohamed Dumbuya said that they received a report on Saturday morning that 35-year-old Koroma had been murdered by Kallon.

The police said that Kallon attacked Koroma after he found out that he attended an event with Fatmata. The confrontation was said to have ended in a fight in which Kallon used a sharp object to stab Koroma in his left chest leaving him bleeding.

The Superintendent said that when the news of Koroma’s death reached the village, his family mobilized with sticks and stones which they attacked Kallon with. They said that they met Kallon dead before they arrived at the scene.

The Commander said that they have arrested eight suspects, including Fatmata.