The Sierra Leone Police announces for the attention of the general public that incidences of youth crimes, gangsterism, and cliques are on the increase and are fastly becoming a menace to our society.

These groups are parading the streets, armed with knives, machetes, sharp pointed objects and other corrosive substances which they use to terrorise and inflict harm on peaceful and unsuspecting citizens going about their normal business.

The management of the Sierra Leone Police frowns at this violent attitude of a cross section of our young people and the untold suffering their activities are causing for peace loving Sierra Leoneans.

The SLP is calling on all young men and women who are members of these gangs and cliques to stop these violent activities. We are also calling on community members, parents, guardians and teachers to discourage these violent activities in our communities; as they have the potential of undermining the peace, security and tranquility of the state.

The Police is therefore asking for information leading to the identification and apprehension of gang or clique members.
The SLP will not sit by and see certain groups of people holding our communities to ransom.

Henceforth, the Police will stop and search persons suspected of being in possession of any offensive weapon in any public place, street or highway; as a crime prevention measure for the purpose of enforcing this public notice.

Anyone found wanting, will be arrested and dealt with according to law.

You have been warned!!!

Francis Alieu Munu
Inspector General of Police