Sierra Leone Police (SLP) Annual Crime Statistics Report, 2022, has disclosed that Lumley Police Division, in Freetown recorded the highest cases of robbery with aggravation.ย 

According to the report, the Annual Crime Statistics Report 2022 identified three (3) major offenses that are prevalent in certain divisions; namely, robbery with violence, robbery with aggravation, and murder.

The report stated that Lumley Division which falls under Freetown West Region recorded the highest number of cases of robbery with aggravation with 54 cases; adding that 13 cases of robbery with violence were reported.

Also, Goderich Division recorded 8 cases of robbery with aggravation and the Congo Cross Division recorded 7 cases.

Meanwhile, Bo in the Southern Region recorded 21 cases of robbery with aggravation and 15 cases of robbery with violence, while Harbour Division recorded 24 cases of robbery with aggravation and 15 cases of robbery with violence.

The Police further asserted that the above divisions are more prone to robbery incidents than any other divisions in the six (6) Regional Police Commands in Sierra Leone.

On Divisional murder cases (Homicide) in the Freetown-West Region; the Criminal Investigations Department (CID-HQ) received and investigated 81 murder cases, and Central Division also received and investigated 8 murder cases.

Goderich Division investigated 6 murder cases, and Lumley and Congo Cross Divisions investigated 5 murder cases each.

In Freetown East, the Harbour Division received 9 murder cases, Kissy Division also received 9 cases of murder; Waterloo Division recorded 6 cases and Eastern Police Division received 6 cases of murder.

North East Region, Magburaka received and investigated the highest number of murder cases with 11 cases, and Kabala and Mile 91 Divisions recorded an equal number of 4 cases each.

In the North West Region, Kambia investigated 4 murder cases, and Lungi and Lunsar Divisions recorded 3 cases each.

In the Eastern Region,16 cases of murder were reported in the Kenema division, and 4 cases of murder in the Kailahun division.

From the above, it was clear that in the 2022 crime year; Freetown West Region Police received and investigated the highest number of murder cases, followed by Freetown East, North East.

The eastern region, the Southern region accordingly, and the North West region received and investigated the least number of murder cases.