Residents of the airport city of Lungi have complained about blackouts and several weeks of being without electricity.

They claim that the city last experience electricity in December last year.

One resident of Old Port Loko Park in Rotifunk, Lungi expressed his frustration citing that locals in the small city have been reliant on electricity over the years.

Speaking to Sierraloaded, the resident blamed authorities for the blackout and claimed that the electricity supply to the city as its minimum since it was restored by the erstwhile government of Ernest Bai Koroma.

Local journalist, Ibrahim Karim Bangura claimed that the Electricity Supply and Distribution Authority (EDSA) cannot afford to supply the city because they cannot afford a  ‘fuel pump for generators.’

The power outage has also affected the economic activities and local businesses in the city including fish farmers.

Although EDSA is yet to explain the reason for the outage, locals are hopeful that the new airport authorities, Summa Group will assist in restoring electricity in the city again.

In other news, intermittent power cuts are also disrupting businesses in the Central Business District (CBD) of the capital, Freetown.

EDSA has earlier released a statement, revealing that the power company is currently battling some technical issues they are faced with.