Sierra Leoneans have lost a famous and grate magician called Hassan Jalloh in Freetown who was born in the Southern part of Sierra Leone.

Hassan Jalloh was a famous magician who has represented Sierra Leone Internationally. He has been in Mali and other African countries. The magician has trained many Sierra Leonean youth.

He contributed to national Unity, he incorporated many men to the Kamajor society and helped fought the Rebels who were killed lots of lives and vandalized properties during the 1991 rebellion.

He helped end the Koribondo last rebellion which  plans to amputate many civilian along the Bo-koribondo Bandajuma high way. He stood very firm and put an end and set a lasting peace on that year 1999.

The magician lost his life in Freetown and his body will convey to Bo District in Fanima Wonda Chiefdom.