In a heartfelt open letter penned by Alusine Shaw of Makeni, concerned resident have called for urgent action to address the challenges faced by the municipality during rainfall.

The letter, addressed to the newly elected members of the Makeni City Council, highlights the pressing need for improved infrastructure and drainage systems to mitigate the adverse effects of heavy rain in the city.

The letter begins with Mr. Alusine Shaw extending congratulations to the recently elected members of the Makeni City Council on their victory and emphasizes the importance of listening to the concerns of constituents with an open heart and a genuine desire to bring about positive changes for the community.

Mr. Shaw’s letter centers on the deplorable conditions the city faces during rainy weather. The heavy downpours expose several issues that have persistently plagued Makeni. These challenges include a deficient drainage system leading to potential flooding, causing damage to property, traffic congestion, and accidents. Additionally, the rain reveals weaknesses in the city’s roads, bridges, and public buildings, leading to potholes and collapses that threaten both commuters and infrastructure. Slippery sidewalks compromise pedestrian safety, while stormwater runoff pollutes rivers and streams, endangering local ecosystems.

Furthermore, Mr. Shaw emphasizes that the city’s public transportation system experiences disruptions and inconvenience during adverse weather, highlighting the need for improved transportation infrastructure and preparedness. The letter also stresses the necessity of enhancing emergency response systems to handle potential disasters effectively, safeguarding the well-being of the city’s residents and the environment.

In the letter, Mr. Shaw and the residents of Makeni earnestly implore the city council to take swift action to address these pressing concerns. While acknowledging that no single solution can solve all the problems at once, they believe a concerted effort from the council can make a remarkable difference in the lives of Makeni’s inhabitants.

To enhance the city’s resilience during adverse weather conditions, the letter proposes several critical initiatives that the council should prioritize:

Comprehensive Drainage Systems: Investment in upgraded drainage infrastructure to ensure efficient water flow and minimize the risk of flooding.
Road Maintenance and Repairs: Regular maintenance of roads to prevent issues like potholes and collapses, especially during the rainy season.
Sidewalk Upgrades: Renovation and maintenance of sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety, making them slip-resistant and well-illuminated during adverse weather.

The implementation of these initiatives aims to safeguard residents and infrastructure from potential damage and disruptions caused by extreme weather events. It also reflects the city’s commitment to a safer and more sustainable urban environment.

In conclusion, the open letter penned by Mr. Alusine Shaw urges the council to prioritize these issues as they commence their term, emphasizing the importance of working together to build a city that can withstand and prosper through any weather condition, providing safety and comfort to its residents.

The letter closes with Mr. Shaw expressing gratitude for the council’s attention to the matter and an eager anticipation of their prompt and diligent efforts in making Makeni a resilient city, better equipped to handle the challenges posed by rainy days.

As the city council now faces these urgent matters, Makeni residents remain hopeful that their concerns, as articulated by Mr. Alusine Shaw, will be heard and addressed, paving the way for a brighter and more secure future for the city and its people.