In a raid conducted by the Harbour Police Division’s Operations Team, 31-year-old Unisa Mansaray, also known as Game, was arrested at his residence on 8 Alfred Street, Up Gun, in Freetown’s East End.

Mansaray is accused of unlawfully possessing two different types of suspected Kush.

Authorities report finding the drugs inside Mansaray’s bedroom. However, Mansaray maintains his innocence, denying ownership of the narcotics. “I have no idea who these drugs belong to,” he reportedly stated.

“Our primary targets are those bringing in, distributing, and selling illegal drugs, particularly Kush,” said the seasoned LUC Kpulun, head of the Harbour Police Division. “The police force under my command will relentlessly pursue eradicating illicit drugs and substance abuse within our jurisdiction.”

Mansaray and the seized drugs are currently in police custody. Further investigations are expected.