A disturbing video on Social Media, display a 21-year-old Sierra Leonean man narrating how he murdered his grandfather in their farmland at an undisclosed area in the country.

The man with a disheveled appearance and hands cuffed is shown surrounded by a fearful crowd with armed officers as he explains the horrifying incident.

He disclosed that he butchered his grandfather acting on his command after he had confessed to his evil doings. According to the man, his grandfather asked him to commit the act in order to get forgiveness from him for all the bad things he did to him and his mother.

From the video, it was clear that the grandfather was a spiritual herbalist whom had retired before the incident. However, after retirement he felt bad seeing that his grandchild was in bad shape due to his doings and decided to confess to his crimes and ask for forgiveness.

The grandfather, according to the young man, confessed to ruining his life and afterwards requested that he kill him run away and start a new life or report himself to the police.

The young man brutally killed him by chopping off his body parts. From his explanation, he went off about his business until he discovered that his relatives were coming after him and reported the matter to the police..

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