A number  of people  including  petty traders within  the Central  Buisness  District  are complaining  about  the reluctance of commercial drivers to reduce  prices  of transportation  fares  despite   the reduction  of fuel prizes.

Two days ago the government  reduced  the pump  price bye 1 from Le 19 to Le 18 but despite the reduction, it has not reflected  on the  transportation  fare in the Central Buisness District  according  to some citizens.

Musu Swarray is a pretty  trader who stays in Aberdeen, she expressed her dismay over the reluctance  of driver to reduce  the cost of transportation in the country  to the requisite  amount.

And you may be aware  that, whenever  there is a reduction in fuel  price, the Ministry of Transportation price according to the reduction  of the pump price for fuel, and the latest  reduction  was not an exception.

But the question  remains to be answered  is that  are those  reductions reflective  to the ordinary man whenever  price of fuel is reduced.

According  to Madam Musu despite the  three time reductions in fuel  in the country, little or no reduction  has been  made by the drivers  in all of this.

She said they used  to Pay Le 4 from Aberdeen  to Regent Road , when the pump price of fuel was  at Le 22 and are  still  paying  such amount in some occasions.  She said  they are  supposed   to pay now  below  3 and sometimes 4, as the prices is not consistent.

Kelfala Mansaray  a young man who had confronted  drivers as extortion of the people. He said the drivers  are complaining  also that what they are spending  to buy fuel  is far away above what they  are getting  that is why they are sometimes  asking  from  passengers.

Buy if  Government  has reduced   the cost of fuel,  it should not only reflect  on the  transportation  prices but every  other  commodities, as those  prices  are being  pegged  on the  fuel  prices as well in the country.

Responding to the above allegation, the President  of the Drivers  Union, Alpha Amadu Bah said together with the government they  have reviewed  the pricebof transportation in the country,  which  drivers are expected to follow.