A man called Mr. Gadafie was allegedly caught digging a grave at the Kingtom cemetery in Freetown.

One of the individuals who witnessed the incident revealed that Mr. Gadafie was seen engaging in the act and reportedly mentioned having accomplices with whom he collaborates. These associates are said to be primarily involved in extracting iron ore that is utilized in the construction of graves.

He urged the Freetown City Council and families with loved ones in the cemetery to undertake frequent cleaning efforts. He emphasized that the overgrown state of the cemetery provides an environment conducive for illicit activities to take place.

He mentioned their fortunate success in apprehending the man and noted that the community’s youth have faced allegations of engaging in similar illicit activities within the cemetery over the years.

In closing, he confirmed their intention to deliver the individuals to the authorities and earnestly appealed for cooperation from those connected to his allies in order to address the situation effectively.

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