A Sierra Leonean Man, identified as Morie has been seen climbing to the top of the Transco Electricity Pole located near Ngeihun village at Tongo, a town in Kenema District, the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone.

According to reports sent by the LUC Tongo Division to the AIG East, the Chief of Laleyhun, Lahai Konuwa informed the police that a man named Morie, from Ngeihun village, armed with machete had climbed up the Transco Electricity Pole located near Ngeihun and refused to come down the pole saying to the chief and the villagers that he would only come down when he sees the presence of the police.

It continued that a team of police officers headed by O/C OSD Supt. FK Dumbuya, left for the scene and when they arrived at the scene, the villagers told Morie that the police have arrived which made him attempted to come down.

Reports further revealed that Morie attempted coming down but he later suddenly changed his mind and climbed further to the top where the cables are.

About four men tried to climb up to get him down, only two was able to go far leaving the other two struggling below to climb. As soon as one of them was about reaching to the point where Morie was seated, Morie  became aggressive, continuously hits the pole and tried to cut the cables with the machete he was holding.

It is not clear what made him climbed or why he chose to Climbed up the electricity pole but what’s clear is that he Was up for trouble.

Police said they could not get him to come down and that he was still seated there by the time the report was sent to the AIG East.

See video and photos below: