58-year-old Sulaiman Conteh has been committed to Freetown High Court by Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Ross Road Court No.1 after he admitted to killing his younger sister Isha Said Hughes on 14th July 2023.

In his ruling, Magistrate Sahr Kekura noted that the prosecution led in five witnesses among them, he said Prosecution Witness two (PW2) testified in court that he saw the accused hit the deceased with a hammer and that when the deceased rushed to the bathroom; he chased and stabbed her with a knife to death.

Addressing the court, the presiding magistrate said his responsibility was to look into the matter if the prosecution failed to produce sufficient evidence, which would warranted him to discharge the accused.

Magistrate Kekura took into consideration the evidence presented including the accused’s statement he made to the police and the confession he (the accused) made in court that he used a hammer and knife to kill his sister.

Thus, the presiding magistrate pointed out that based on the evidence including a hammer and knife stained with blood, he was convinced that the prosecution had sufficient evidence against the accused.

The accused during a cross-examination of PW5, pleaded with family members for forgiveness, stating that he had nothing absolutely to say because he was guilty.
The accused affirmed to the court that he was ready to give evidence in the High Court regarding what happened between him and the deceased.

According to the charge Sheet committed to High Court, the accused is to answer to one count of murder that he on Friday 14th July 2023, at 6A Savage Street Wellington in Freetown, murdered his sister.