Bockarie Keifala, residing at 41 Combema Road in Kenema, has allegedly been reported to have set his parents’ house ablaze at the same address. This act was purportedly in response to his demand for a share of approximately NLE 11,000 (eleven million old leones), which had been paid for an office space within his father’s house

According to one Mohamed, the incident emanated when FOCUS 1000, a Non-Governmental Organization recently paid for an office space at one of the houses belonging to Mr and Mrs Keifala(parents of Bockarie).

It is believed that Bockarie had demanded for an amount which the parents refused to offer him, as a result, the source said he had threatened to set the house on fire.

The source further claimed that he saw Bockarie with his baggage and later followed by a huge smoke that ascended  from the house(different from the one rented by the NGO) at 11am today.

The youths in the neighborhood were fighting the inferno before the advent of the Kenema Fire Force.

The firefighters were able to put out the fire.  There were no casualties. However, all the household properties belonging to the blind house owner and families were lost in the incident.

It is believed that the alleged arsonist is a frustrated master’s holder who was deported from America and has recently lost his job in Freetown.