The Regional Coordinator South of the Family Support Unit (FSU), Superintendent Lucy Tucker, convened her first meeting with Divisional Line Managers, JPOs, and NCOs on Friday, 8th September 2023, in a significant step towards enhancing community safety and reducing crimes such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Penetration, Neglect, and more.

The meeting, which took place within the framework of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), aimed to foster collaboration and strengthen partnerships between various organizations and the local community. The ultimate goal is to achieve a safer environment for all residents across various communities.

Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Patrick L. Dumbuya, the Regional Police Commander South representative, emphasized the Sierra Leone Police’s commitment to maintaining discipline and upholding its reputation. He praised the FSU’s performance in investigations and mediation.

During the meeting, Tucker discussed various crucial topics, including the handling ofcasese and Enquiry Files in all seven Police Divisions. Additionally, the issue of drug intake, specifically “kush,” among officers while on duty was addressed. She urged everyone to utilize her office for assistance in reported matters and strongly discouraged the use of drugs, which has tragically claimed the lives of many Sierra Leoneans.

Tucker also announced the establishment of an Investigation pool for all major FSU cases, encouraging attendees to transfer such cases to the FSU Regional Headquarters for thorough investigations.

Reports from the Line Managers in the seven Divisions were generally positive, highlighting minor challenges that can be addressed collectively.

Tucker characterized this meeting as an informal introductory session, creating a platform to understand the strengths and challenges of personnel while fostering mutual respect. The meeting sets a promising tone for future collaborations in the region, as the FSU continues its crucial work in maintaining community safety and addressing sensitive issues.