Magistrate Sahr Kekura at Ross Road Court No. 1 in Freetown has remanded one John Sesay at the Male Correctional Facility on Pademba Road without bail after being accused of insulting and provocatively confronting a police officer.

Awoko reports that Sesay faces charges of disorderly behaviour, insulting conduct, and public provocation, all of which contravene the law. The incident occurred on August 15, 2023, on Dan Street in Freetown, where he allegedly behaved disorderly. He was also accused of hurling insults and provoking Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Abdul Razak Kamara in a manner that risked breaching the peace.

Testifying in court, ASP Abdul Razak Kamara recalled the events of August 15, 2023, when he was on duty at the Dan Street Police Post from 10 pm to 1 am, addressing a reported matter. During his investigation, Sesay arrived at the scene armed with stones, which he threw at the complainant, Amodu. This action escalated into a physical altercation between Sesay and Amodu, prompting Inspector Sama to intervene and separate them. Despite warnings from ASP Kamara, Sesay remained violent and insistent on fighting Amodu, leading to his arrest.

ASP Kamara further recounted that Sesay brazenly expressed his fearlessness, uttering offensive language directed at the officers.

Sesay remained in custody as the case was transferred to the Ross Road Police Station in Freetown for further investigation.

After ASP Kamara’s testimony, defense counsel Alie Santos Sesay’s efforts to secure bail for his client proved futile. Consequently, Magistrate Kekura remanded Sesay at the Male Correctional Facility on Pademba Road in Freetown, with the case adjourned until 30th August,2023.