Dangerous Armed Robbers have reportedly invaded one of the households of Kamanda Town at Fulawahun in BO district the southern province of Sierra Leone, leaving the head of the household dead and the son injured.

Famous BO Youtube Presenter, Amadu M Sandi commonly called Media Masibo visited and interviewed the injured son who was admitted at the government hospital in BO.

According to the son, the armed robbers had suspected that his dad whom had just returned from Kambia had brought home a lot of money, so that was why they went to their house that day with the intent of collecting the money. He added that they shot and killed his dad for trying to stop them and that when he tried to retaliate after they had shot his dad; the armed robbers quickly shot him on the foot and got away.

That was how a man was murdered and a son injured in their home. The rampant of arm robbery in the country is becoming worrisome; people are no longer safe in their own homes.