Ibrahim Sorie Conteh a bus conductor has appeared before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Ross Road Court No. 1 in Freetown for alleged wounding one, Sahr Amara over a piece of bread in the Eastern of Freetown.

The accused is before the court on three count charges to wit, wounding with intent, wounding, assault, and occasioning actual bodily harm.

Particulars of the offense state that, on Monday 9th January 2023, the accused maliciously wounded and assaulted Sahr Amara at Campbell Street, Wellington in Freetown.

First prosecution witness, Sahr Amara a pupil of the St Helena Secondary School led in evidence by Deputy Superintendent of Police M. Bangura recognized the accused in the dock.

He stated that on the 9th of January 2023, his father sent his junior brother to buy him bread.
He said upon his return, his junior brother informed them that someone had taken the bread from him, and they left to meet the accused person.

The witness continues that upon arriving at the scene, they met the accused at Casino Wellington and he confronted him as to why he took the bread from his junior brother. He added that the accused responded by asking him if he his ‘bouncer’ and slapped him on the right jaw.

He furthered that the others he met with the accused joined in beating him, adding that while  they were beating him the accused person bit him in his right and left hands.

He added that in the process, one of the friends of the accused grabbed him and the other stabbed him in his face.

My lord I collapsed on the floor and later saw myself at the Connaught Hospital where a police officer gave me a medical request form and took photographs of me and I was examined and admitted for five days,” Amara said.

He said that he immediately reported the matter at the Wellington Police Post, adding that when he was discharged he produced the medical request which was endorsed for identification and marked as exhibit -Z wherein a statement was obtained from him and his witness.

Concluding his cross-examination, counsel representing the accused person, Harold Kamara differ his cross-examination for proper meeting with his client.

Magistrate Sahr Kekura remanded the accused at the Male Correction Center and adjoined the matter to 1st February 2023 for further hearings.