Shalom Prosperia Ella John, nickname ShalyBarley has been officially crowned and announced as the Miss APC 2022. 

This Miss APC 2022 is a beauty pageant organized by some strong supporters of the All Peoples Congress that named themselves Young Peoples Movement under the supervision of the All Peoples Congress (APC) stakeholders in Freetown. After many appearances and questioning on stage, Shalom Prosperia Ella John triumphed as the winner and Miss APC 2022.

Other contestants who participated during the competition and became first and second runners up were crowned as Miss APC Ambassadors 2022.

According to data collected, Shalom will be working towards women and the problems they are facing through different facets of life, through ethnic and as well cultural backgrounds in accessing the political and civic sphere.

Ella John will also start to sensitize young women in politics to set aside political differences, social and religious preferences and preached love prevailing among us and loyalty to rise up above all in creating a beautiful and peaceful Sierra Leone as a nation.