The Western Rural-Urban Area Herbalist Chairman, Abdul Kamara on the Lumpa Community, Waterloo, has on 1st November 2022, revealed to Awoko Newspaper that a man around twenty five years old, described as Hassan from Petfu Komrabai in Yonie Town,threw up (vomited) a Witch Gun from his stomach in the Lumpa Community.

The man (accused) was suspected according to Chairman Kamara when he was engaging his herbal members in a meeting at his residence.

It was during that period that he saw the accused, Hassan, along the road and suspected him having a Witch Gun in his stomach.

He further disclosed that no sooner the accuse was called upon to report to them, he ran away and went to the Lumpa Police Station and the Officer-in-Charge (OC) was told to arrest the man, Hassan.

The incident occurred on Thursday, 27th October, 2022.

The Chairman revealed that along with his colleagues they apprehended the accused and took him to their Herbalist’s office to be screened.

He said the man was then asked to immediately remove the suspected Witch Gun from his stomach but according to the Chairman, he refused to adhered to the request.

Later, because of his refusal, he was screened with ceremonial charms and eventually the man threw up the suspected Witch Gun on the ground.

The Witch Gun was retrieved immediately after his regurgitation. The suspect them sneaked and ran away to an unknown location.

He went on to explain that on Monday, 31st October in Masiaka, the accused Hassan was spotted by his members and was later arrested.