It is like a dream come true as the government of the Republic Sierra Leone led by the first gentle man in Sierra Leone, Maada Bio has constructed a school of nursing in Port Loko town.

This opportunity has been dreamt by citizens and students of Port Loko who for some factors wished to have a college closer to their door steps. These factors range from overcrowding in the capital city to transportation and standard of living in other parts of the country where others colleges are.

As it is in the manifesto of the President of Sierra Leone to provide free and quality education, and health in Sierra Leone, Port Loko is set to have it’s first ever school of nursing in Port Loko town under the leadership of His Excellence Julius Maada Bio.

With this school of nursing in the town, neighbouring districts and towns of Port Loko who wishes a B.Sc in Nursing can access the facility less stressful compare to leaving to Freetown for B.Sc in Nursing.