Around the 8th of November 2022, an unauthored publication blushed the scene of social media including Facebook and WhatsApp alleging the Manager of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) in Makeni 88.1FM Nasiru Deen Koroma stated he had suspended two of his staff, Ibrahim Barrie and Abdul Buju Mansaray for playing revolutionary songs on air.

Speaking to NewsFeed Sierra Leone, Manager Koroma vehemently denied the allegation, “this is just a malicious falsity, somebody just wants to sabotage my reputation and to damage the intent show we are to staging on the 19th and 25th November this year” he disclosed.

He furthered that, the piece is unauthored but will find the bottom of it, “my staff are on an investigation to bring the author of the malicious piece” he challenged.

However, one of the alleged suspended staff, Ibrahim Barrie revealed that he is in a good relationship with the manager since his inception as a manager, and he always plays his song of choice whenever he is on duty and has never a time cautioned for the type of music to play, hence is on the listening pleasure with decency and not have any rude and inciting lyrics.

Abdul Buya Mansaray, fondly called DJ Buju in a verified voice message in one of the fora, expressing surprise, “I didn’t want to comment on this, but due to the love shown to me by my fans, friends and family, I conclude that people are down with me, and care, I have worked with many managers in a smooth and respectful atmosphere, I am always guided to be professional but to say, he dictates to me which type of music I play, it has never happened, and for the person who did this to tarnish my name and the institution, surely, the Almighty God will shame him/her. I am the oldest staff at SLBC Makeni which shows how humble I am” he disclaimed.