The Paramount Chief of Kafe Chiefdom – PC Dr Masakma Madibie II was described by his subjects as a hero who fought for the emancipation of his people and chiefdom from slavery and bondage.

Kafe, a chiefdom in the Northern District of Tonkolili is blessed with minerals and riches, but it’s still one of the poorest in the country in terms of all human development and civilisation. For over 118 years, the chiefdom has not enjoyed the power of Paramount chieftaincy following its amalgamation with another neighbouring chiefdom – Simiria.

All of the Paramount Chiefs that rule Kafe Simiria – the two amalgamated chiefdoms throughout 188 are from Simiria leaving Kafe and the people vulnerable in terms of development.

PC Dr Masakma Madibie II – the current Paramount Chief was elected on May 29th 2022 in a very peaceful election following the de-amalgamation or separation of the two chiefdoms.

As the reign of the traditional leader almost clocked a year, the people of the poor chiefdom has described his leadership as impressively remarkable.

From time immemorial, the people of Kafe chiefdom did not enjoy mobile phone communication – except they had to move up the mountains to access and in search of a mobile network so they could communicate with their loved ones outside the chiefdom.

Immediately he assumed power, the first Paramount Chief from Northern Sierra Leone with an academic PhD who doubles as the Tonkolili District Council of Paramount Chiefs Chairman thought it wisely that a communication pole must be erected in the chiefdom.

Currently, the Orange Mobile company is erecting a pole in the chiefdom to help the people access affordable network and communication.

There’s ongoing massive road construction in the chiefdom to salvage the problem of poor road network.

With these massive and transformational moves, residents have described their Paramount Chief as a hero and a development mogul.

“Our Paramount Chief is honest and transparent. He has proven to be always readily available to serve us and the chiefdom,” Section Chief of Kamaruku, Mohamed Tholley, said.

If the Paramount chief continues on this trajectory, many development analysts said, Kafe Chiefdom might be an economic hub in the Northern region and perhaps the country.

In all of his public meetings, PC Masakma Madibie II always emphasised that minerals in Kafe must benefit the people in the chiefdom.