In the relentless battle against the illegal drug trade, the security sector in Kono has executed a sweeping joint operation within Koidu Township. Led by the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of Tankoro, the operation saw collaboration between divisions including Tankoro, Motema, and military personnel from the 9th Infantry Battalion.

The operation, meticulously planned and executed, targeted various key areas notorious for their involvement in the distribution and sale of kush, a highly addictive substance wreaking havoc in communities nationwide. Among the areas raided were Tankoro camp, Kondewa Street area, Ngandorhun Park, Resettlement, and others identified as hotspots for illicit drug activities.

The coordinated effort yielded significant results, with thirty-four suspects apprehended during the raid. Notably, among those detained were five females, underscoring the inclusive nature of the operation to combat all facets of the illegal drug trade. Authorities seized a substantial quantity of kush during the operation, including 15 sachets and 190 wraps, further disrupting the flow of illegal substances within the region.

Currently held at the Tankoro Divisional Headquarters, the suspects are undergoing thorough investigation procedures. Their detention marks a pivotal step in the ongoing efforts to dismantle the networks fueling the illicit drug trade in Kono. Authorities anticipate bringing the apprehended individuals to court imminently, signaling a firm stance against drug-related offenses.

This decisive joint raid underscores the unwavering commitment of the security sector to safeguard communities and curb the proliferation of illegal substances. As the nation unites in the fight against kush and its detrimental effects, operations of this scale serve as a potent deterrent to would-be offenders, reaffirming the rule of law and the resolve to uphold justice.