The Cybercrime Officer at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters, Detective Inspector Mohamed Jusu in cross-examination by lead defense counsel, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara has said from his observation, that the Mayor was ad- dressing the public on her experience.

Mohamed Jusu told the court that he has been a police officer for seventeen uninterrupted years and has served in the Cybercrime Unit of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) for twelve years. He also stated that his qualifications included certificates and diplomas but not a bachelor’s degree.

In another question put to him by the defense, he revealed that he has done several forensic reports and in October this year he was opportune to report in respect of the ongoing case.

Lawyer Fitzgerald Kamara referred the witness to page one of the report which indicates that he should forensically analyze a flash drive. The witness agreed with Lawyer Kamara that forensic analysis is a test that must be derived from observation.

The witness furthered that he reviewed the video which was played in the last court sitting. In the footage which was displayed in court, the defense counsel put a question to the witness that on 11th of October 2022, he concluded his findings on forensic analysis. The witness responded in the affirmative.

Confronting the witness more on the video, the defense counsel said from what was presented in court, the Mayor of the Freetown

City Council was addressing the public on her experience. He said the Mayor was addressing the public about the work of the police, which he agreed was her right and not unlawful.

The Cybercrime Officer also confirmed to the court during cross-examination that in the video, the Mayor did not touch any police officer or prevent them from doing their lawful duties.

Questioning his integrity, the Cybercrime Officer told the court that he was competent and experienced in doing what he presented before the court.

The defense counsel told the witness to take a look at the report where they indicated “tur moil” but that in the video there was nothing like that. He also put it to the witness that he was biased.

But the witness denied being biased in the report he made concerning the alleged matter that was before the court.

According to the report, the witness stated that the Mayor was very angry and aggressive during the alleged incident but when questioned by the defense to describe what method he used to arrive at that conclusion in his report, he responded that he wrote the said report from what he observed. When asked if the Mayor acted violently, he responded in the negative.

After cross-examination, State Counsel YI Sesay informed the Bench that he intended to dock his last witness before closing his case.

After the cross-examination, Magistrate Ngegba adjourned the matter to the 14th of November, 2022 for further hearings.