The Managing Director of the Mercury International, Martin E Michael and other sierra Leoneans have referred to the midterm census as a scam. Mr Michael revealed on his twitter timeline that he and his family have neither been visited by enumerators nor have they been counted.

Underneath his post, on the comment section, Sierraloaded learnt that a whole lot of sierra Leoneans testified that they too have not been counted, except for the famous Vickie Remoe who reveals that they(government) don’t count everyone but they’re doing a sampling and that they’ll use that to check against existing records. This however got us thinking as that was not what we were made to believe.

However my people see below posts of Martin Michael and comments of those sierra Leoneans.

“The Census People NEVER VISITED MY HOUSE..Never…ever…My family and I have not been counted. @stats_sl. What a load of crock” said Martin Michael

“The Census is a scam, but if we talk now “Detention”

“Oh that was fast… na magic? Wasn’t counted either”

“Bra, upline gbain na gps den jes bi de point na pipul den ose. What a census”

“Na so we boku wae em nor count Go lek fr see dis data oooo”

“Me neither bra”

“My home wasn’t visited too Me and my neighbors”