The Community Health Foundation (CHF) Medical Centre in Mile 91 has on Thursday 26th January 2023 held it first District Health Management Team (DHMT) Conference in Magburaka, Tonkolili District, Northern Region of Sierra Leone.

The Conference which was centered on strengthening coordination and collaboration with all the District Medical Centers and partners, gathered many of the partners in the health sector in that part of the country.

Several Presentations were done in the Tonkolili District Primary Health Care Complex that was chaired by Dr. Falama, the Tonkolili District Medical Officer.

Dr. Falama sympathized over the death of Dr. Adejayan Olaoluwa, former Medical Superintendent of Community Health Foundation Medical Centre in Mile 91, and further assured to work closely with CHF hospital to achieve its goals and aspirations in medical areas.

Referencing the issues of Blood Drive and Referral cases, he disclosed that, it has been a major problem in the district for which solutions are still short.

He called on all Peripheral Health Units in Mile 91 and its surroundings to collaborate with Community Health Foundation Medical Centre in order to help reduce the alarming deaths rate in Tonkolili District.

There were only three medical hospitals in Tonkolili District being Magburaka Government Hospital, Masanga Hospital and Lion Heart Foundation Hospital in Yile Town and today, the Community Health Foundation Medical Centre with it sophisticated medical equipment and quality services in health care delivering has been named as the 4th medical hospital in the district,” he said.

Dr. Falama noted that, all medical teams should embark on district healthcare and safety activities as a way to reduce untimely deaths at all times.

Speaking on the achievement and challenges of the CHF in the health sector and the community, Jacoub Muckson Sesay in a PowerPoint presentation shared experience as well as their activity plans for 2023, including positive and sustainable healthcare services.

Giving out the importance of laboratory test, Laboratory Technician at CHF,ย  Foday Jinnah Kabba said it is very vital for people to be doing laboratory tests prior to medical treatments to ensure a proper function health system.

He continued that Community Health Foundation Medical Centre in Mile 91 is equipped with all medical facilities and encouraged other Peripheral Health Units to refer all cases of blood transfusion and surgical operations to CHF Medical Centre in Mile 91, as they have 3 Blood Banks and each bank contained 50 units making it a total of 150 units.

We have successfully done a blood transfusion to over 100 patients since we started operations in May 2022. I therefore encourage all other PHUs to embrace CHF as a Referral Hospital,” he maintained.

David Vasty Unchendu, Matron and Anesthesia at the Community Health Foundation Medical Centre in Mile 91 spoke on the successful surgeries done in the hospital.

“As a young medical Centre, we are working in a pluralistic way to enhance credibility and effectiveness in health care delivering to save lives in Tonkolili and the country at large. God bless Linda Muckson Sesay CEO of CHF hospital,” Unchendu said.