The third best student of this year’s National Primary School Examination is Angela J.M Sesay from the International School Ltd.

Angela Sesay scored 334 marks which is three marks below the best student, Lorraine Paps-Garnon(337) and same with the second best, Tyra Nesralla(334), making her among the top three students for 2022 NPSE.

She is the niece of the popular Journalist and Station Manager for Radio Democracy, Asmaa James, whom among the family is the proudest of her.

To celebrate the good news, with joy and pride, she wrote on her timeline:

“Fambul dem let me crush on my Niece today.

She made us proud!!

Our own Angela Sesay, aka baby Joy, made it to the top three (3) at the National Primary School Examination. Joy to say we are proud is an understatement!!

Thank you for putting Ogoo lane on the map. To mama Philippa Kobbi Sesay en mi yone posin papa  Charles Osman Sesay una tenki Tenki. To do mami sef sef grandma Ms Catherine a kin imagine how you go de feel.  Una all Tenki.

Indeed it takes a village to raise a child!

Congratulations to the other top two girls, Lorraine Pap-Garnon and Tyra Nesralla and all those who took the NPSE!

The international School, I believe una booo. Continue to make us past and present parents proud. Mr Johnson and all the other teachers una tenki.”