Journalist Amadu Lamrana Bah of Africa Young Voices (AYV) likened the November 26th incident to a chilling reminder of the brutal 11-year civil war that Sierra Leoneans endured in the past.

He recounted that haunting memories resurfaced as security officers in Freetown instructed him to prioritize his safety amid the attack on the Wilberforce barracks by unidentified individuals. The government has taken firm measures to address the situation.

His message reads: The scary memories of how we survived the war returned today with a gun pointing at my face and being ordered to raise my hands up and only move when I was told.

After crossing many scary checkpoints with armed officers, a military commander at Murray Town Junction advised me and my colleagues not to go beyond Congo Cross on our way to the office.

He showed us where one of his officers was killed and advised us that we shouldn’t take the risk of going further as he wouldn’t guarantee our safety.

I also couldn’t be assured of a request I made to be embedded with the Military.

Everyone is home safely as we monitor the situation.