The Sierra Leone Metrological Agency (SLMet) has warned that locals should brace themselves for torrential rains that is going to lead to flooding this year.

There will be flooding except we try to take the measures,” said Gabriel Kpaka Director at SLMet.

He advised that authorities be proactive to clean clogged gutters in major cities to avoid urban flooding.

In addition to the flooding, SLMet also warned that the country will experience strong and dusty winds together with thunderstorms and lightning.

The Agency suggested that locals should avoid dwelling in flood prone areas, maintenance of dams and roads infrastructure and clean sewer channels among other things.

SLMet also said that the country will receive low rainfall this year.

Kpaka said rainfall this year will be reduced with below average in the wettest months -June, July and August.

Kpaka said the data was from the current configuration and future of the ocean surface data taken from 1992 up to 2022.

The SLMet Director stated that there are late onset of rain across the country with little dry spells except for the Northeastern District of Koinadugu.

He clarified that the deficit will be from the overall rainfall and not the number of rainy days.

Kpaka said the dry spells will affect farmers who would have to wait for at least 10 days to start their planting season in the country.

Farmers are going to have a late planting season if they are going to use their normal varieties,” Kpaka said.