Basita Michael, a well-known attorney, has drawn parallels between Zainab Sheriff’s recent statements and the frustrations, disappointments, sadness, and loss of faith felt by many citizens.

Sheriff spent two nights in police custody and was released earlier today on bail.

Michael explained that the police were investigating a violation under section 44 of the Cybersecurity and Crime Act 2021 based on the video that Sheriff released.

She believes that Sheriff’s statements in her video were her way of expressing the frustrations, disappointments, sadness, and loss of faith felt by most citizens, not just towards the government, but also towards political parties such as the All People’s Congress (APC) and National Grand Coalition(NGC).

The attorney views it as a plea for help, protection, and intervention, not just for Sheriff but also for other citizens trapped in poverty, drugs, and unemployment.

She argues that given the tension and division in the country, Sheriff’s outcry stems from the fear of the worst that could happen to Sierra Leone.

Michael believes that Sheriff’s detention by the police in response to her statements would only serve to create a rift between the citizens and the government.

See her statement below:

Zainab Sheriff’s utterances in her video were merely her own way of echoing the frustration disappointment, sadness and loss of faith most citizens feel not only towards the government but also towards the APC and NGC. It is a cry for rescue. A cry for protection. A cry for a fatherly intervention. Not for herself but for our sisters and brothers who are trapped in poverty drugs and unemployment. No political party to look up to. Given the tension and division in our country, it is a loud cry born out of fear of the worst that could happen to SierraLeone. It’s her own way of voicing out citizens yearning for a better Future. A call for our leaders from the SLPP APC and NGC to shape up or ship out. Responding to her by way of arrest and detention will only serve to drive a wedge between citizens and the government. I trust the Police will realise this and ensure her immediate release. His Excellency the President has on numerous occasions both domestically and abroad shine light on how well his government respond to criticism and respect the fundamental right to freedom of expression.The arrest and detention of Zainab by the police contradicts that.I add my voice to the calls of many for her release.”