In a bid to foster peace at Yoni Chiefdom, the Local Unit Commander of the Mile 91 Police Division, Chief Superintendent of Police, Michael JK Lagga, recently ended a peace tour he embarked on in all of the Poro society bushes in native Yoni Chiefdom, Tonkolili District.

CSP Lagga is being described as the first Local Unit Commander in Mile 91 to take up such an initiative to foster a peaceful co-existence among local people in his operational areas.

During every dry season especially from December to March, members of the male-dominated poro society in Yoni Chiefdom will hold their ceremonies to initiate new members into the society, and the traditional process (s) is/are normally backed by a plethora of rites. As the commander of the area, LUC Lagga said going around preaching peace inside the poro society bushes is something that is of security impact because he said the majority of the males in those bushes are not only stakeholders in their communities but also had a voice and command respect among their people.

CSP Lagga  further revealed that secret societies play an integral part in our local communities and must be included or targeted when discussing peace and security.

During his tour, the Local Unit Commander emphasized the need for peace and cohesion among community people inside and outside the society bushes. Among the places he visited were Roruks, Roniatta, and Petifu Kafollamasa, all in the Yoni Mamaila Chiefdom, and other poro bushes around Mile 91.

The LUC warned heads of the society to refrain from coercing others to join their society for peace to reign. As members of Poro society, Lagga said they must also see themselves as partners in development and help support the police to reduce crime.

As law enforcers, he said they hold secret societies in high esteem and urge them to caution their members to be law-abiding because the poro society bush must be a training ground for young men to take up leadership roles.

While going about their traditional ceremonies, he called on the leadership to respect the rights of others and to ensure that society does not halt education in communities.

As a member of the society, Lagga said he is impressed by the respect shown to him in all of the poro society bushes he visited. He also warned nonmembers to respect the traditions of the land for a peaceful coexistence.