The Southern Regional Media and Public Relations Officer of the Sierra Leone Police has disclosed that about twelve people including a military officer are in their custody for investigation on suspicion that they have been terrorizing the people of Bo allegedly as armed robbers.

Inspector Bobson Senu told Awoko that for the past days this week the city of Bo has not been peaceful, noting that the City is now big and the criminals have their own network.

He said the alleged armed robbers might have got a tip off that they have money, adding that the victims have been bold enough to help us track them down.

Inspector Senu noted that they got a tip from one of the victims at Shelmingo Section in Bo about the criminals and they initially arrested six, adding that among the six, one of them is a military officer. This has been confirmed by the Brigade Commander at Gondama that indeed the military officer is a serving soldier and disciplinary measures will be instituted against him by the Republic of the Sierra Leone Armed forces.

According to him, another six were arrested on Wednesday Morning at the Kortugboma Section in Bo following a tip off by the community people, and six youths were caught with door breaking instruments including a hammer and bar being used by carpenters.

Inspector Senu said that a thorough investigation will be conducted in order to have substantial evidence against them before they are charged to court, adding that they will ensure that they do not disappear from their net.

โ€œWe are calling on the community people to continue to cooperate with the police to report those suspected to be criminals in their community,โ€ he pleaded.

It could be recalled that on Monday morning this week armed robbers descended on the people of Bo and terrorized them, leaving them in critical condition as those terrorized were raped in the case of the women, and for the men they were badly injured in the process of putting up a stiff resistance to surrender what they asked for.

Residents of Bo living in the outskirt of Bo told AWOKO yesterday that they are in panic as the areas cannot be easily accessed by the police because of poor road network.

They suggested that the Local Unit Commander of Bo West and East End Police Divisions should call for reinforcement to embark on robust day and night patrols.