The Ministry of Water Resources, in collaboration with the Pujehun District Council, has successfully concluded a two-day intensive training program on pump maintenance. The training, held at the Rural Water Office, brought together 28 participants from various communities in Pujehun District, with two representatives from each Chiefdom.

The primary objective of the training was to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required for the efficient functioning of water pumps across the district. Participants were educated on the maintenance of major pumps, including Indian Mack 2 and Cardia hand pumps. The organizers also revealed plans to conduct training sessions for solar pump maintenance shortly.

In an interview with Sierraloaded, Pujehun District Wash Engineer Morie Bayoh Kobba emphasized the significance of the training. He highlighted that while the ministry has been constructing pumps in different communities, these pumps often require maintenance. Faulty pumps have led to communities enduring prolonged periods without water. The trained participants will now play a vital role in ensuring the swift repair of malfunctioning pumps and addressing the water scarcity issue.

Kobba disclosed that Pujehun District is home to over 1,500 pumps, a substantial number of which are faulty and in need of maintenance. To facilitate the participants’ efforts, the ministry will provide them with essential tools such as ranges, spanners, clamps, and more. Additionally, a robust communication system has been established in collaboration with the district council to streamline reporting procedures, ensuring sustainable maintenance practices.

The trainer, Ishmael Jalloh, emphasized the objective of empowering participants to support their communities in pump maintenance. He confirmed that necessary tools were provided to the participants, expressing confidence in their ability to deliver on the acquired skills.

Foday French, one of the participants from Taninahun in Malen Chiefdom, expressed gratitude to the ministry for the training initiative. He pledged to utilize the knowledge gained to assist communities in need, thereby contributing to the overall improvement of water accessibility in their respective areas.

This collaborative effort between the Ministry of Water Resources and the Pujehun District Council not only equips local communities with vital skills but also signifies a significant step toward addressing water-related challenges in the region. With trained individuals actively engaged in pump maintenance, the district can look forward to a more reliable and sustainable water supply system, ensuring a better quality of life for its residents.