Vice Chancellor and Principal of Milton Margai Technical University, Prof. Dr. Phillip John Kanu on Thursday 30th January 2024 testified before Magistrate Santigie Bangura of Magistrate Court No.2 along Pademba Road in Freetown, against one of his lecturers, Tejan Sheik Rogers (accused), who allegedly went on social media (Whatsapp) and posted audios against him.

The accused Tejan Sheik Rogers is facing a count charge of cyberstalking contrary to Section 44 (2) (b) of the Cyber Security and Crime Act 2021.

According to the particulars of the offense, it was alleged that the accused Tejan Sheik Rogers, on an unknown date between 1st and 31st November 2022 in Freetown, through social media via Whatsapp used his Whatsapp number with the title Tejan Rogers of MMTU created and posted stalled and bullied recording audios and text messages using computer system network in a Whatsapp group called Maada Must Stay Campaign that may likely
damage the character of the complainant.

Chief Superintendent of Police Joan MS Bull led the Prosecution witness number one Dr. Philip John Kanu the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Milton Margai Technical University.

The witness recognizes the accused person in the dock as his former staff at the said University. He recalled the period around 30th November 2022 when something transpired between himself and the accused person.

The witness said there was a problem of sexual harassment by certain lecturers who were terminated by the University. The witness said after the incident he started seeing write-ups and audios on social media. The witness said he recalled seeing some in on a WhatsApp group called Maada Must Stay campaign. The witness further explained that he was a part and parcel of the said group but it did not belong to the University and that the write-ups and audios were all over social media attacking his personality and others in the same in the university as well as destroying the image of the University.

The witness said the accused used to say in the audio that he (the witness) knew that he and the Exams Officer were falsifying grades, adding that the accused person also said the witness took monies from lecturers for computer classes. The witness said he made efforts to reach the accused person through his brother Amara Rogers for him to stop his diabolical action. The witness said the accused person and his brother visited him several times. He used to ask the accused person what did he do to him and the accused person always responded that he did nothing to him. The accused person sent him messages that he would not stop even if got his brother involved.

The accused pleaded not guilty and he was granted bail. The matter was adjourned to 6th February, 2024. CSP Joan Bull is prosecuting the matter.